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Carole   Marshall   is   a   former   Peninsula   Daily   News    columnist.      She   also wrote   feature   stories   for   American   Profile ,   a   national   magazine.      Two   of those   stories   were   selected   for   HarperCollins   book,   Hometown   Heroes , published   in   2007.         She   has   published   two   novels,   Dearest    and   Reading to   Jane .      Her   nonfiction   work   includes   Maximum   Fitness-Minimum   Risk , a   Simple   How-to   Wellness   Guide   for   Folks   with   Heart   Disease,   Diabetes, COPD   and   a   warmly   honest   sharing   of   loss   in   The   Magnificent   Quiet   Losing   a   Loved   One,   An   Open   Letter.         She   has   also   contributed   to Chicken   Soup   for   the   Soul   books   and   writes   informative,   fun,   inspiring articles..      Carole   is   a   graduate   of   the   University   of   Washington   Extension Writers’   Program:   Nonfiction   Writing.      Born   in   the   Bronx,   New   York   she currently   lives   in   the   Pacific   Northwest   with   husband   Jim   and   two   very spoiled critters. 
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